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Only Needles, No Haystacks

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Adapting to Trustworthiness,
in the New Information Age.

We are a team of search technology experts and data research specialists. We know that reliable information comes in different shapes and forms. We look beyond webpages, documents, and online content to uncover insights from multiplel sources, including podcast conversations and video channels, to name a few. We offer you the most exhaustive and in-depth search experience to power your knowledge work and decision making.

The Perfect Search Tool for any Organization.
A Must-have for Knowledge Workers.

We help organizations and businesses save countless hours that are usually lost in looking for, and vetting, information. We bring together the most trusted data and credible content from thousands of sources. Lexandria’s AI powered search platform crawls the web in a completely different manner: Focusing on credible and trustworthy sources that are double checked by human specialists to filter out the noise and let you hear the signal, loud and clear..

Finish Research Work In Minutes,
Instead of Hours.

Looking for reliable information across different sources and formats can take hours. We do it for you in seconds. Our proprietary search algorithm instantly scans the web’s most trusted sources to answer your most pressing questions. The web has become full of “data haystacks”; so, we help you find the information needle effortlessly, in an instant.

Unified Search Platform

Intelligent Search

Lexandria’s AI powered search algorithm finds answers immediately after searching millions of documents, web pages, video and audio files

Credibility first

We focus our crawling technology on credible and trusted sources, this way you will not have to worry about double checking the information

Advanced sharing

Share search highlights and your workspaces with your colleagues immediately letting them see your search results and found documents

Incredible time savings

Don’t spend hours on a search task when you can finish it in minutes with Lexandria

A better way to search

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