Our Vision

Lexandria is an intelligent search engine that powers knowledge work and information-based decision making for companies and organization across different industries and fields. Our search technology allows multiple format search across text, document, audio and video files with strong mechanisms that ensure data quality and credibility. Lexandria’s founding and technical teams have strong and diversified backgrounds in the areas of data science, business research, search technology and entrepreneurship

Our Team

Mohamed Zin El Abidine

Co-founder and CEO

about Mohamed

Mohamed has an extended career in the business research and data analysis industry. He occupied operational and executive managerial roles in industry leaders in the MEA region including Vigeo-Eiris (part of Moody’s ESG Solutions), International Data Corporation (IDC) and Infomineo Fascinated with the world of data analysis and information discovery, Mohamed is building Lexandria to make it the go-to platform for knowledge workers worldwide to instantly find information they can trust.

Oussama Mokssit

Co-founder and CTO

about oussama

Oussama is a data science engineer and a Fulbright scholar in applied economics. He has years of experience in consulting for leading international development agencies, including The Deutsche Gesellschaft für International Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) Deeply aware of the power of new search technologies and their ability to change how information is created and discovered, Oussama is building Lexandria to be a technology leader in the search and information services industry.